Write an equation in standard form from a graph

But with so many choices, how do we decide which form to use in a real-life situation? X is zero, Y is one, two, three, 4.

vertex form

Remember, the y in this equation represents the amount Andre has saved, and the x represents the number of months he has been saving. We've already seen that multiple times.

This is point-slope form and we do videos on that. Let me see if I can So when you go from eight to zero, your change in X is equal to negative eight.

how to find standard form from a parabola

Write the equation in point-slope form. If we looked at slope-intercept form, the y-intercept just kinda jumps out at you.

point slope form

Let me. Now, I mentioned standard form's good at certain things and the good thing that standard form is, where it's maybe somewhat unique relative to the other forms we looked at, is it's very easy to figure out the x-intercept.

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Point Slope Form and Standard Form of Linear Equations